elfa® Sparring+

Sparring+ is wonderful for use at home and at work. The sparring products have a remarkable design. The selection of colours and materials, processing of shelves and excellent look can be found everywhere - in handles, magnets, hooks and other details.

Basic products Basic products

The concept of storage system Sparring+ is based on upper support rail.

Shelves Shelves

Different kinds of shelves are produced. Deep shelves have three different heights.

Cupboards Cupboards

The main module of the cupboard consists of side and back walls, upper and lower shelves and intermediate shelves.

Perforated plates Perforated plates

Perforated plates are intended for temporary storage.

Small perforated plates Small perforated plates

Small perforated plates have the same functions like the big ones, however are thinner in size.

Shelves-board shelves Shelves-board shelves

Small shelves-board shelves are a good accessory for smart storage on perforated plate.

Supports for books Supports for books

Supports for books can be modified and they apply for storage of files, books and magazines.

Boxes Boxes

They are produced from transparent or non-transparent solid plastic.

Hooks Hooks

You can select out of four different types of hooks, the colours are - white, yellow and dark.

Magnets Magnets

They are used for mounting on a perforated plate or on a curtain rail.

Label holder Label holder

They apply for shelves and cases (boxes).