Frequently asked questions

Here we've collected the most commonly asked questions from our customers. Browse the categories to see if your question already has been answered – if not, customer service will be happy to help you!

What do I need to consider when cleaning the elfa interior?

Use a damp soft cloth.

Are the products of the competitors compatible with the elfa products?

Some of our competitor’s products could be compatible, but we cannot guarantee a functioning storage solution with non-elfa components.

Are the components of my Classic storage that I bought 10 years ago compatible with the ones you offer today?

Absolutely – this is part of the elfa concept; you can always trust previous elfa components to fit perfectly with newer collections and products.

Will the drawer’s glide stay smooth over time?

Yes! We test our wire drawers in our own lab to ensure at least a 10-year warranty. The test simulates a ten year usage for all closet applications, especially the gliding of drawers.

Can I combine drawer frame units on top of each other?

Indeed you can. There are several combination possibilities. When combining two 10-runner frames, please make sure that they stand steadily and that you do not overload the top drawers.

Can I put a drawer unit on top of a shelf?

We would not recommend it for safety reasons.

How many basket stops do you need per basket?

For full security, two – one on each side.

How can I decide the appropriate distance between the wallbands?

We recommend not more than 90 cm. Please see assembly instructions for further information.

When should I use the expander screws?

For installation in plasterboard walls or other kinds of boards, and when the installation is done in non-solid walls.

Does my system need to be drilled into studs?

Not necessarily, but the shelving system can take more weight. It is of great importance to use the correct hardware for your actual wall.

What type of paint does Elfa use?

We use an epoxy powder for our steel products.

What are the elfa-products made of?

Most of Elfa's interior products are made of steel with epoxy coating. We also have products made of wood and plastic.

Are the elfa-products difficult to install?

elfa is a do-it-yourself-concept and most of our products and articles simply click or snap into place. Our system was specifically developed for easy installation and assembly. Should you need support, you can always contact your local retailer or customer service.

Is there a starter kit for the shelving system?

No, there is no starter kit available as most of our customers create customized solutions.

Can the wire shelf be cutted?

Some of our local stores can cut and customize the shelves for you. You can also do it yourself with a metal saw, but beware of rough edges.

Can the solid shelves be cut?

Yes, but beware of rough edges. Please note that the edge band will disappear.

Is my guarantee affected if I cut the shelves myself?

No, it is not.

Is it risky to load the shelving system when only attached to the wall through the top track? Do I have to attach the standards with screws?

No, it is not necessary to attach the standards with screws. The stability actually increases with the amount of weight. There are no screw holes in the hang standards.

How much weight can a drawer support?

Recommended weight is around 8 kilos, the drawer should easily slide in and out of the frame.

How much weight can the traditional brackets hold?

Recommended load is a maximum of 55 kilos.

How much weight can the hang standard hold?

This depends on what type of wall the top track is installed in to. You can also ask your local store for recommendations.
It is of great importance to use the correct hardware for your actual wall.

What is the loading capacity of the runners?

Recommended maximum load is 10 kilos.