About elfa

Elfa® has developed grid systems for a secure and sound storage and these systems are sold over 60 years on all continents in the world. Due to our long-time experience and permanent development, we have created stable and sound solutions using the best materials. Elfa® does support you in trying to make additional space available, while it provides organised and nice look in the room.

Quality assurance

Elfa® storage system can be installed almost everywhere. The production is not getting aged due to its variety. We are so confident in our product range, that we offer a 10 year guarantee. Natural materials, design, advanced technologies of production are the three draught horses of Elfa quality. The storage systems are capable to withhold high loads and do not lose their consumer properties even over time. For the production of the brand Elfa there is a 10 year guarantee provided.


It is really simple to create a solution for storage, as you plan a storage system based on our components according to your individuality, lifestyle and financial situation. The system can be very good customized to your requirements. You do not need to be an engineer, to install Elfa® products. It is easy and simple!

Date of foundation

Elfa International AB (Sweden) was founded in 1947 and is currently market leading company, which is specialising on production of attractive and useful storage systems for clothes, home appliances, garage items, office equipment, sports equipment and so on.


Elfa International AB – is the leading manufacturer of wardrobe systems, including original grid baskets, shelves and sliding doors. Elfa International AB has achieved to develop a technology for the production of baskets and shelves with steel wire coated with epoxy paint. Each combination of our models can be customized to fit your project with cloakroom, kitchen, storeroom, bedroom, children’s room, laundry room, garage or in the office.

Made in Europe

The swedish town Wasterwick (Vastervik) is situated on the coast of Baltic sea and although it is a rather small city with a population of just 20 thousand people, it is one of industrial, cultural and trade centres in Northern Europe. Right here was the company Elfa founded in 1945. Today as well as at that time the production capacities are located in Europe. This is a clear sign that the production meets the high standards of quality and environmental friendliness.


The company is known for its advanced approach for the production of useful and valuable solutions for the household. The metal lattice to dry the dishes, which can be found in each home was invented by Elfa designer Nils Strinning.

Beware of counterfeits!

Since Elfa was able to win the consumer’s trust and earned excellent reputation, there are more and more manufacturers, who try to counterfeit the production of Elfa. If you do not want to become a victim of cheats, to lose your money without a reason and wish to purchase unique production of Elfa with a 10 years guarantee, please place an order only using the official distributors of the brand.